Heegaard House Garden View

Heegaard Staff House Room Photos 2023-24 (ZIP Download)





The Heegaard Staff House is located here:


(The photo you see in Google Maps is not correct!)

There is Line 3 ski bus stop at the edge of the property


The per-bed price for each person staying in a room is € 4.537,69 for the 2023/24 season.

HOWEVER, I offer whole rooms, not single beds, so if you are one person living in a double or bigger room, you will need to find your roommates yourself.

This is season worker accommodation only.

The price is for the period from 1 December 2023 to 30 April 2024.

The price is the same even if people arrive later or leave sooner.

The rent for each room or group of rooms must be paid by ONE person only. That person is the “room manager”.

If anyone is forced to leave early for any reason, the room manager can re-let the bed to someone else for the rest of the season.

The price includes value added tax, utilities, internet and parking.

There is Internet throughout the house as well as parking for residents.


A returnable damage deposit of € 500/bed must be paid to reserve a room.

One-third of the season rent is then due before moving in, and two thirds by 15 January 2024.


(See also photos in ZIP download above!)

The available accommodation will be as follows in the 2023/24 season.

(Everybody wants the big apartment (4 - 6 beds), so there is little point in everybody asking for that!)

Room 1: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 2: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 3: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 4: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 5: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 6: 2 beds BOOKED


Room 7: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 8: 2 beds BOOKED
9: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 10: 2 beds
Unit 11 (two rooms): 2 beds
Room 12: 2 persons (bunk bed) BOOKED
Room K: 2 beds BOOKED


Room 14: 3 beds BOOKED
15: 3 beds BOOKED
Room 16: 2 beds
Room 17: 2 beds BOOKED

Room 18: 3 beds BOOKED
Room 19: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 20: 2 beds BOOKED
Room 21: 4 beds BOOKED

Sauna House: 3 beds BOOKED
Apartment 1: 6 beds BOOKED
Apartment 2: 3 beds BOOKED
Apartment 3: 3 beds BOOKED

 There are shared kitchens, WCs, bathrooms etc. on every storey, and every apartment has its own kitchen, WC and bathrooms.




Welcome to the Heegaard House
Arlbergstrasse 4 
A-6580 St. Anton am Arlberg


Some information designed to make your stay more pleasurable, secure and healthy: '


When communicating with doctors, the police, etc., please don’t call these premises Haus Adrian.  Haus Adrian is near the MPreis supermarket and has nothing to do with this building.  

This is the Heegaard House or Arlbergstrasse 4.


The people staying in the house have different jobs and timetables.  Please bear this in mind if you are partying or playing loud music.  Some people want quiet rather than to party.  This is everybody’s good right, so please respect anybody who asks you, for instance, to turn your music down. 

Austria’s legal quiet hours are from 22:00 to 07:00. At these times, residents in other rooms and apartments should not be able to hear you or your music.

These quiet hours are important. Tenants who repeatedly break the night silence rules WILL BE THROWN OUT OF THE HOUSE.


If you damage anything, discover damage or see or hear anything unusual, please PM me.  I understand that things can get damaged in a house this size.  What I don’t understand is things like people drunkenly ripping a light off a wall and leaving live wires exposed.  This has often happened over the years and makes no sense.  As for unusual sounds, the unexpected sound of running water might be caused by a burst pipe, and an unexpected hissing noise might just signal a boiler about to explode.  These should be dealt with in good time and may cause serious damage if ignored.


Don’t trust strangers.  It is easy for a thief to roam the premises and pretend to be a friend of some imaginary resident with a fairly common name like “Jake”, “Sarah”, “Ludvig” or “Sofia”.  If in doubt, insist on escorting any stranger to the person they claim to know.  At the same time, don’t roam into other areas of the house unless you have been invited and don’t risk being accused of stealing food or property from other tenants.

Don’t disclose any door codes to strangers, and keep your room locked.


Ventilate your room briefly but thoroughly in the morning and evening.

If your room is too hot, the regulators on the radiators can be adjusted or reprogrammed to suit your needs (ask me if you do not know how to do this).  Apart from wasting energy, cooling your room by leaving the window open will massively reduce the relative air humidity and put you at risk of lung problems.

Wear sensible shoes.  Snow and ice can be treacherous, and a fall caused by wearing the wrong shoes is your fault and yours alone.  Dress warmly.


Maintenance and cleaning personnel may have to enter shared areas of the house without prior notice and at any time.  Nobody will enter your own room except in an emergency or with your explicit consent.


There is a ski/board room on the ground floor (entrance through door by stone stairs).  There is a ring for a ski/board lock below each hook.  You are advised to use a lock on the hill as people “borrow” skis and boards a lot here.  Please don’t dump your skis on the floor of the ski room as this impedes access for the downstairs tenants.

If you have to bring skis, boards and boots into the house, please make sure that they cannot do any damage.